Top Christmas Escape Rooms

01 Dec, 2023

Our Favourite Festive Escape Room Recommendations in the North West!

It’s December! There’s no avoiding it now – the Christmas season is officially upon us. So, what better way to celebrate the festive season than with an escape room experience?

So many of our favourite escape room companies offer fabulous Christmas games, and so we thought we’d share our top picks with you here today. Keep reading to learn our favourites, and be sure to get booked in for the holidays!

Seriously Elfish at Lucardo Rawtenstall

How could we not start the list with our own, brand-new festive escape room? Seriously Elfish is the highly-anticipated second Christmas escape game to open at Lucardo Rawtenstall, and it’s already proving to be a hit among our guests.

You can read all the information you need about the room in our recent blog post here, and willing elf recruits can book in today on the Lucardo website!

Claus for Concern at Lucardo Rawtenstall

Next on the list is the second Christmas escape room at Lucardo, Claus for Concern. This very-merry room opened back in November 2022, and has been a firm favourite game among guests and game operators alike!

Inside Santa’s Workshop, your mission is to locate the missing Naughty & Nice list, hidden by the mischievous Elf Gristle. While doing this, players must also work to find as many of Santa’s scattered letters as they can within the allotted time. Think you’re up to the challenge? Book your trip to the North Pole here.

Christmas at Extremescape

Another must-do festive escape room experience can be found over in Disley, near Stockport. Of course, it’s with our friends at Extremescape!

It’s all havoc in the North Pole, as Santa’s flight home from his Barbados holiday has been cancelled. They need all hands on deck to get into his workshop, and make sure the presents are all packed and ready to go before Christmas Eve. Can you help the Claus?

This absolutely fabulous room shot right to the top spot of my personal favourite games after I played it last December. You can read my full review right here on the Lucardo blog, and book your game with Extremescape by clicking here.

Breakout Manchester

We love a Breakout room here at Lucardo, and this year our friends in Manchester have gone and opened up two new Christmas rooms for the season. Yep, you read that right. Two!

First, you've got Christmas Chaos, a beautifully festive room that will put you right in the midst of Santa's all-important Christmas mission. Next is A Christmas Nightmare, a creepier game which sets players on a mission to defeat the humbug himself - Scrooge!

Both these games are on my personal to-play list this Christmas. Best be quick to book in before I fill up all the game slots - you can do that on the Breakout website here.

A Christmas Advent-ure at The Escaporium

Hopping over to Yorkshire for our last recommendation, and it’s the incredible Esaporium over in Halifax. Your Lucardo Rawtenstall game hosts enjoyed playing A Christmas Advent-ure on our festive staff day out last year, and had a blast solving all the puzzles and games. This hilarious, linear-style room is fantastic for escape room pros and newbies alike, making it a particularly fun one to play with family as you count down those days to December 25th.

You can find out more and book in for this game over at The Escaporium right here.

Well, there’s our top Christmas escape room recommendations for 2023!

If you book any of these rooms this Christmas, be sure to tell them we sent you, and we’re sure you’ll have a fabulous time. If you think we missed any rooms off the list, be sure to let us know!

Happy escaping!

Written by Madeleine Lily

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