What Makes Game Hosts Sad

23 Jan, 2024

The Things That Make Your Game Host Groan

Last week, we brought you a list of the top things that make us the happiest running escape games here at Lucardo Rawtenstall. Now, we’re coming at you with the opposite!

Keep reading for a full list of all the things that can make an escape room game host throw their hands up in exasperation, straight from the Lucardo Rawtenstall staff group chat.

Just to pre-warn you… there’s a bit of a rant incoming. Proceed with caution!


Disclaimer: This is all intended as a bit of fun. We love all our teams. Really.

1.      Lock piling. Or when teams re-lock locks. Or worse, when teams change the codes on locks. You know what, anything involving locks. Just put them down once you’ve opened them… and back away.


2.      “WE’VE DONE THAT ALREADY”…no, you haven’t. If you had then we wouldn’t be in this mess now would we, Sheila. 😅


3.      The absolute AUDACITY of our game hosts taking more than ten seconds to type out insightful clues after having been asked to describe a puzzle that we didn’t even know existed. We’re so sorry. We’ll undergo additional workforce training and aim to do better next time.


4.      Teams reading our clues, then deciding to ignore them because obviously they know best. You can’t see us, but we’re behind the screens crying into our crisps about how unappreciated we are.


5.      Teams ignoring our health and safety briefing. It just means we’re going to have to not breathe for the entire duration of your game, lest we accidentally blink and miss you sticking your fingers into some plug sockets. Or worse, moving a piece of furniture. It’s a high-stakes sort of panic. 😬


6.      “That’s a RED HERRING.” Someone, please hold me back.


7.      “This code doesn’t work – let’s try it backwards!” I’m kidding, obviously we can’t argue with logic like that. You go ahead, try it backwards. Why not try it right-to-left while you’re at it, or upside-down. Maybe times it by two, then translate it into French? I’m sure one of them will work eventually. Don’t worry, we’ve got sooo much time. 🙄


8.      Grown-ups not listening to their children. Hate to say it, but they had the answer to that puzzle you’ve been agonizing over a good twenty minutes ago. They might actually be smarter than you after all. *Sips tea* 👀


9.      Room trashers. Do you know how hard it is to reset Corruption in less than five minutes when you’ve arrived late, hidden half the keys, tied the chains together, and left someone’s sock hanging from the ceiling? It’s hard. And we’re tired.



10.  “This sticker says we shouldn’t touch this button, but I think we should try it anyway.” You know what, go ahead. Expect your invoice for the damage, the replacement, the search warrant, the new roof, and the staff therapy fees in the post. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.



Whew, that felt good to get off our chests! We hope you found this blog entertaining – or even therapeutic maybe if you also work at an escape room. Remember to be nice to your game hosts, and we’ll see you soon!

Written by Madeleine Lily

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