Lucardo Rawtenstall Christmas Night Out

19 Jan, 2024

.... In January!

If you’ve been following along with Lucardo news recently, you’ll know that the festive season is far from being over here in Rawtenstall.

Our two Christmas-themed escape rooms are still open through until the end of this month, meaning we’ve been enjoying hosting teams through elfish escapades and merry mayhem like we’re still deep into December. So, it felt only right to have our staff Christmas night out in January!

Keep reading to find out what we all got up to…

Last week, all seven of us trekked into Manchester, on one of those rare yet beautiful occasions the full team was all together.

Ok, Daisy the "Lucardog" wasn’t present (although, let’s face it, she’d probably have beaten half of us in the games anyway,) but Simon, Molly, Adam, Ellen, Georgia, Alex, and myself (Mads – hi!) all tagged along.

First up, we were booked in for a slot at Immersive Gamebox Manchester. Located inside the Arndale, this high-tech game adventure place was somewhere we were all extremely intrigued about.

If you’ve not been, their website describes it as “an interactive cinema adventure that’ll tick everyone’s boxes.” One of our staff (can’t remember who) described it as “kind of like the Wii, except the remote is on your head.”


Molly and Simon were booked to play “Ticket to Mars,” while the rest of us took on “Alien Aptitude Test.” This one was filled with an epic 80s soundtrack and classic arcade games, and we loved it. The room graded us as A- students too, so I feel like we were fairly successful on our quest!

Once we’d exhausted ourselves running around the immersive rooms, we headed off to Flight Club. If you’ve been to this funky, steampunk-circus-esque bar in the city centre, you’ll know this can only mean one thing....


We loaded up on pizza and mocktails, and the darts tournament commenced. As Flight Club’s oches (that’s a new word I learned) are electronic, the games were virtually scored and game-packed, making the whole trip a unique experience we'd definitely do again.

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen me post a poll the following day, asking who you all thought would have won in our little darts tournament.

Of course, it was Simon who reigned triumphant!

Really not sure what Alex did to not even make it onto this leader board, but there you have it.

Following the tournament we headed off home, via a very snazzy lift in the Arndale Centre that reminded us how excited we were that The Traitors was back on the BBC.

Overall, it was a very fun-filled evening of games, and a great chance to take a break from the months of busy festive escaping here in Rawtenstall. We can certainly recommend both Flight Club and Immersive Gamebox as fun things to do in Manchester, either with colleagues or friends on a night out.

Thanks so much to Simon and Molly for organising the trip, I’m sure we’ll all excited for the next one! 

Written by Madeleine Lily

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