The Craziest Things We've Seen at Lucardo

12 Jun, 2024

Can You Believe Some of the Things That Go On Inside our Escape Rooms?

It’s all fun and games working at an escape room… but we sure do see some stuff every now and again. Here at Lucardo, our game hosts have witnessed all sorts of wild things go down in our rooms, and we thought it would be fun to share a few of them here on the blog…

People forgetting they’re on camera

Before every game, your host will always remind you that we can see and hear you at all times via the cameras and microphones dotted throughout the room. It’s for safety, but also so we can help you make the most of your experience! So, why do people keep forgetting we’re there?

Ok, it’s an easy mistake to make when you’re caught up in an immersive game. But please, remember that we can see you… even when you’re doing things we’d rather we didn’t have to watch!

While yes, there are technically a couple of blind spots in some of our rooms, we can pretty much guarantee you won’t find them. If you’re doing something you shouldn’t, or something you think we shouldn’t be seeing, maybe consider stopping?

People making huge life decisions

Seriously! We’ve seen beautiful family moments, romantic marriage proposals, and even some grim situations where people vowed to never, ever play escape rooms with their colleagues again.

We often get customers asking us how many times we witness arguments inside our rooms. While these regrettably do happen (escape rooms can be high-pressured situations at times!), we’re pleased to report we witness more lovely fun and friendship taking place each day instead.

No divorces on our watch yet, thank goodness!

People forgetting basic stuff

You’d think that the pressure of a ticking clock and an immersive game story would get people’s brains into gear, right?

Wrong. In fact, someone forgot what “red” was the other day.

Don’t worry, we’re not here to judge. We’ve all made some hilarious mistakes while playing escape rooms ourselves – it’s part of the fun of it!

But sometimes when we have to run across Rawtenstall to round up teams who have gotten themselves lost en-route to their room? It is quite entertaining!

Actual, Real-Life, Totally-Legit Magic

Don’t believe me? Book one of our University of Magic games to see it for yourself!

The Most Impressive Escape Room Solving... Ever!

Did you know that there are world-class competitions out there for escape room solving? And that there’s some teams out there who have solved hundreds, if not thousands of escape rooms together?

It’s true, and when they visit us at Lucardo we always know we’re in for an exciting time. Escape room experts are incredible to watch, and always get us wanting to play lots more games ourselves.

Similarly, we also occasionally see teams’ brains working in ways that defy all logic… but in the best kind of way! We’ve witnessed people interpret our puzzles in ways we could never have dreamt up ourselves, and find ingenious puzzles in props that we hadn’t even thought about before.

In short, we find our teams so inspiring, and always a pleasure to watch!

Have you been guilty of doing any of these crazy things inside an escape room at Lucardo? 

Written by Madeleine

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