How to Solve Magical Escape Rooms

16 Apr, 2024

Our Top Tips for Aspiring Enchanters!

Got a magic-themed escape room booked, and wondering where to start?

Here at Lucardo, we have two unique and wonderous magical escape rooms to try, so we sure do know a thing or two when it comes to how best to solve them.

Keep reading for a sorcerer’s guide to escaping wizarding-themed rooms, straight from Professor Lucardo himself!

Our Top Tips for Solving Magical Escape Rooms

  • Expect the unexpected. These games are made to “wow” you, and there’s all kinds of fun effects, spells, and secrets for players to unlock throughout. Just because you think something looks like it won’t do anything, doesn’t mean that’s the case. Try it – you never just know what’ll happen.

  • At the same time, however, maybe don’t expect anything too dramatic. We’ll do our best, but we’re not going to conjure up any unicorns, teleport you to the real-life Narnia or gift you an actual invisibility cloak any time soon. We’re only game hosts, after all!

  • When mixing potions, make sure you get all the ingredients just right. We don’t want anyone turning into a frog on our watch, so make sure to double-check amounts and read the recipes carefully before adding them to the cauldron!

  • If you’re offered a cloak, put it on. Even if it doesn’t end up helping you solve any puzzles, we’re sure it’ll help you get right in that magical mindframe,

  • Don’t get too hung up on the pronunciations of magic spells. Chances are, your Game Host doesn’t really know the “right way” to say it either… or you’re giving them a right giggle at your attempts.

  •  You probably don’t need to use that wand as a key. Especially at Lucardo, we don’t need to see you jamming wands into key locks and twisting them to see if they spring open. Save the wands for the spells, and the keys for the unlocking!

  •  Cast spells, not shade. You can’t do a magic room if you’re just going to feel contempt for all the enchantment! In other words, just suspend your disbelief a bit – it’ll make it more fun, we promise.

  • Don’t come out of the room and ask us how a certain trick worked. We’re not going to tell you. It’s ~magic~.

Lastly, don't forget: the University of Magic games at both Lucardo Manchester and Lucardo Rawtenstall are completely different, meaning you can enjoy both separately.

If you’re looking for fun, family things to do in Manchester or Rawtenstall, book today right here on our website – we can’t wait to lock you up soon!

Written by Madeleine Lily

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