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Lucardo Presents - Prison Escape

Prison Escape

Play at home printable escape room.

One of Manchester's notorious criminals is hatching a plan to breakout of the high security prison. Time is of the essence, examine the exhibits, solve the clues and catch the mastermind before time runs out!

Print & Play

Lucardo Presents - Prison Escape

You have 45 minutes to catch the inmate!

  • Players - 1-4
  • Time - 45 minutes (average)
  • Pages - Game -14 pages. Hints Sheet - 3 pages. Both PDF's can be printed black and white or in full colour.
  • Requirements - Printer, Paper, Pencil and Scissors.
  • Digital Delivery - PDF to email - Print & Play: £3.99

We recommend this as a family game (Children under 14 may need assistance from an adult).

Upon purchasing you will instantly receive an email containing the PDF files of your game and the Hints and answers page. The game needs to be printed off however to save on paper the hints and answer PDF can be viewed on your device but doing it this way may increase your chances of seeing the next hint or answer accidentally.