What Makes Game Hosts Happy

12 Jan, 2024

What We Love Here at Lucardo Rawtenstall

Here at Lucardo, we genuinely believe that Game Hosting is one of the best jobs in the world. From having fun at work, to meeting lovely customers, to helping excellent teams solve satisfying puzzles game after game… every day sure is a joy.

However, there are some elements of the job that we feel really elevate our experience here to the next level. The difference between a good day at work and an excellent one… if you get the gist.

Recently, our director Simon asked us all to share what aspects of running teams through escape games really makes us happy. Keep reading to find out what we all said, straight from the Lucardo Rawtenstall group chat…

Good Game Play

First up, we don’t need you to have the best escape room success record to be a standout team. In our eyes, it’s more about how you play the game, then how well you solve the puzzles!

Let me explain. Our game hosts said they love it when teams listen to the clues we give them, and ask for more help when they are in need. We love it when you put in effort to solve puzzles rather than give up at the first hurdle too! If you try your best and have fun, then we’re sure you’ll be a pleasure to host.


Ok, the top answer among the group when Simon asked us what makes us the happiest game hosts? When our teams are enthusiastic, of course!

It sounds cheesy, but if you’re having fun, we’re having fun. We want you to play along with us, embrace the theme, and engage with the story. Genuine enjoyment on our player’s faces is what makes our day. Enjoy yourselves – it’s what you’re here to do!


I can tell you now, that all us game hosts agreed that nice, polite, and respectful players are the ultimate element to a happy shift!

Saying “please” and “thank you” goes such a long way. It makes us blush when we’re running a game and we hear a polite “please can we have a hint?”, especially so if you use our names. This really makes us happy!

Keeping Things Neat

Perhaps the most satisfying breath of fresh air we can get as Game Hosts would be entering a room to reset, only to find our beautiful, beautiful teams have left it neat and tidy for us. Want your game host to really love you? Put the locks back on the hasps to make it easier for us to reset. Leave things where you found them. Don’t make a mess! That way, you’ll find us be whistling through a happy reset for sure.

This last one’s a bit niche but, if you’re playing Corruption, I can guarantee your Game Host will be singing your praises if you bring the chains back out with you once you’ve finished using them. Honestly. Teams that do that are the stuff of dreams!


A couple more niche ones? Ok, we find it really funny when young players outsmart the adults in their group by solving problems quickly. Especially when the grown-ups don’t believe them at first!

It also makes us smirk a bit when a player has been complaining out of frustration because they claim a code hasn’t worked on a lock, only for another teammate to open it with ease! In Dragon’s Heart, it’s always the players who believe in magic the most that succeed the best in the room, and give us the happiest time hosting. Don’t believe us? Book yourself a game and find out!


We love it when players enjoy our games, and then go home and tell their friends about it. We love it when you come out of a game, then immediately book another under that beautiful haze of triumphant adrenaline. It makes us so happy we hear we’ve been nominated for awards, and we’ll always burst with pride whenever we see our names mentioned in TripAdvisor reviews!

Lastly, as Simon added to the thread, it sure does make us happy when customers let us know that they’ve used the last of the toilet roll, so we can replace it straight away. Its only something small, but having the support of our customers really is the best feeling!

…so, there you have it! A look into the brightest side of what it’s like to be a Game Host here at Lucardo.

Be sure to stay tuned to the blog, as we’ll soon be posting a list of things that make us sad. Will you be guilty of any of the treacheries? Wait and see!

Written by Madeleine Lily

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