New Year's Resolutions for Escape Room Fans

02 Jan, 2024

A Fun List of Escape Room Resolutions for 2024!

Happy New Year!

To kick off 2024 here on the Lucardo blog, we thought it could be fun to come up with some amusing New Year’s Resolutions ideas, specifically aimed at Escape Room fans. Whether you’re an enthusiast looking to curb your addiction, or a newbie looking to expand the hobby, we hope you find inspiration and amusement among these resolution ideas.

Just remember – they’re all intended as a bit of fun!

Let’s go…

For the Escape Room Newbies

  •   I will be sure to pay attention next time my Game Host says something important, like “do not rip up the floorboards”
  •   I will check out the games at Lucardo, I heard they’re really good!
  •  I will aim to engage more with the Escape Room community, either by joining friendly groups like NERD or the Enthusiast’s page on Facebook

For the Casual Escape Roomer

  •  I will not room-cheat on my teammates by playing games without them
  •  I will no longer book the same game twice, just to go back the second time looking like a genius with all my pre-prepared solutions and knowledge.
  •  I will remember to leave TripAdvisor reviews for games I have played, as I know it benefits the companies.

For the Enthusiasts

  •  I will make an effort to better organise my game completion card collection, to save them cluttering my house and aggravating my non-enthusiast roommates.
  • I will write a list of all the games I have completed, to stop losing count each time I play
  •  No matter how many games I have played, I must not forget to search in every nook and cranny for sneaky keys!

Whichever Way You Look at it…

  •  I will refrain from looking up game spoilers online.
  •  I will refrain from posting comments that may be construed as spoilers online.


  • I will stop complaining about direction locks, I understand they are necessary and beloved by game creators and players alike.
  •  I will complain more about direction locks, in the hopes that game creators will stop using them.


  • I will plan more Escape Room road trips with my team, trying to see as much of the UK’s fabulous games as I possibly can
  • I will stop planning Escape Room road trips with my team, as every time I do one, I know I get the bug and my company holiday allowance / bank balance / social life just cannot cope with the addiction right now!

Other Fun Things to Try in 2024

Some hot trends that we think you might like this year…

  • Table-top Escape Room games, such as the EXIT games we sell at Lucardo
  • Online escape room games, available on various consoles and PC. Here at Lucardo, we love Agent A!
  • TV shows similar to Escape Rooms – we wrote a whole blog about these which you can read here
  • Apps such as Morty, for keeping track of your Escape Room adventures

We hope this blog post has offered a fun kick-start to your 2024 Escape Room adventures! As enthusiasts ourselves, we can’t wait for many more exciting games this year, and look forward to welcoming many more teams at Lucardo through the coming months.

Happy New Year!

Written by Madeleine Lily

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