A NEW ROOM at Lucardo Rawtenstall!

01 Apr, 2024

Inspector Has Now Opened!

Listen up, detectives! A brand-new escape room has opened up at Lucardo Rawtenstall, and we “inspect” it’s one you’re not going to want to miss!

An Inspector Has Arrived...

This Easter weekend saw the long-awaited opening of Lucardo’s latest escape game in Rawtenstall, and we’ve been so excited to introduce the game to our players. Entitled Inspector, this original game takes on the classic mystery theme, putting players right into the heart of a detective novel as they rush to find a hidden fortune. There’s plenty of puzzles and lots to look at… but do you think that you can solve the mysteries of Inspector?

The Story...

One crisp, cold, wet December morning the postman arrived at 11:32am – he knocked on the door to hand deliver a very beautiful hand-crafted, sealed letter. You open the royal looking letter, carefully popping open the seal and peeling back the parchment to reveal it’s contents; “To Whom it may concern, you have been identified as the sole heir to the estate of the recently deceased Inspector Carsten Klaus . As you may know Mr Klaus was a very clever, forwarding thinking individual who on his death bed announced that only someone who is worthy of his fortune will be able to discover his secrets and retrieve his wealth. You are invited to B212 on Bark Street on the last day of the fourth month at 23:15 hours – good day.” Will you and your team be able to solve this mystery and take your rightful place as heir to Carsten Klaus’s estate?


I myself was lucky enough to be part of the first test team through Inspector last week, and thought it’d be fun to write a quick review for this part of the blog. I really loved this game, I loved its theme, props, and assortment of puzzles, all of which were satisfying to solve and added to the aura of the room. I think teams will really appreciate the new adventure to play here at Lucardo and would certainly recommend you head down – and, who knows? Maybe I’ll even get to be your game host!

Inspector FAQs

Where can I play Inspector?

At Lucardo Rawtenstall!

Who is this room suitable for?

We think anyone would love Inspector! As always, we’d recommend nobody under the age of 10, and anyone under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by an adult. There are no jump scares, small spaces, or low-lighting scenarios in this game, however the room is located up a flight of stairs.

What’s the maximum team size?

Inspector has a maximum team size of five.

How long is the game?

Inspector is a 60 minute experience, including a 15 minute briefing and introduction, plus the 45 minute in-room playing time.

Where can I book?

Online on the Lucardo website here.

What did Inspector replace?

Inspector took the space of Seriously Elfish, which itself was the home to Safe House this time last year.

When can we expect another new room?

Ha! Play this one first, but watch this space!

Come play Inspector at Lucardo Rawtenstall, we can’t wait to host you soon!

Written by Madeleine Lily

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