A Look Inside Virginia House

23 Jun, 2024

Virginia House: Lucardo Manchester's Ultimate Crime-Themed Escape Room

Taking your first steps into Lucardo’s Virginia House escape room can be quite daunting – after all, you’re effectively stepping into the mind of a murderer. Unhinged ramblings such as “You’re Next” and “I’m Behind You” can be seen scrawled over every wall in blood, eerie whisperings seem to emanate from the walls… and all those “Crime Scene” evidence markers aren’t really giving feelings of security either.

To cut right to the point, there’s a serial killer on the loose. In the past 24 hours, twenty-four murders have taken place. That’s one on the hour, every hour. We don’t like to be morbid, but it kinda seems likely that another life will end in sixty minutes.

However, that’s not all. Want to know the most bewildering thing about each brutal crime? The killer has been leaving a string of peculiar clues around each murder scene, crafting a twisted web of puzzles and riddles to lead us to their next victim.

Honestly. It’s almost like this criminal wants to be caught. Well, with sixty minutes on the clock, I’d suggest we get cracking!

Following a roughly linear pathway, this hour-long game will take the player on an intense rummage through a grisly crime scene home, with every corner hiding clues as to that horrific killer’s next unfortunate victim. Even the most unsuspecting of items could be hiding the key to saving the poor soul – so keen observation and logic are going to be integral in the mission. By finding the person’s name and postcode, the police can finally catch up with the murderer and get them behind bars. Plus, there’s no saying how many lives will be spared once we’re successful.

Between two and four players can participate in this completely original, crime-themed escape room, which is one of the oldest and most popular games at Lucardo Manchester. Interestingly, the room was named after the building itself which houses our Manchester escape room location, near to the Northern Quarter on Great Ancoats Street!

If you believe you have what it takes to stop the killer, book your game today via our website. For any further questions or information, you’re more than welcome to give our Manchester team a call on 0161 425 2580, or send us a message via our social media platforms.

Good luck team. We’re all counting on you.

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